Show off your glues/pearls etc

Craft Room - Stickle Storage System 1Craft Room - Stickle Storage System 2Craft Room - Stickle Storage System 3,4Craft Room - Stickle Storage System 5,6Craft Room - Stickle Storage System 7

Craft Room - Stickles Storage 2Craft Room - Stickle Storage System Supplies

  • The most time consuming part of this project was applying all the layers of gesso (white acrylic paint). It needed to be done though to create a good base for papers and so that the existing image didnt show through. A white base makes the papers pop!
  • You can add any small bottle to the board – I even popped on my glossy accents big bottle!
  • I made the mistake of only using three velcro strips on my first try. I learnt from that and then made better use of my second board, using four strips.
  • There are so many colourways that could be achieved with the number of pretty papers available. I loved the rainbow effect and then went for a softer, vintage floral design for the second as it was for my distress stickles.



















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